I can\’t believe I just said that…

April 8, 2006

Good Morning Smiley

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I hear a giggle in the room next to me.  My beautiful nephew Ryan is obviously awake.  Thinking I’m going to “peek a boo” him, I sneak in.  His eyes go wide when he sees me. I can just imagine his thoughts.  “Oh my God, that strange woman is still here!”  I glance over toward the bed to be greeted by an ass crack that would put the best plumber to shame.  Oh Adam – is there no privacy in the world? I’ve been violated in a way that only a brother can do.  I give my own “crack” 🙂 as I sneak away.  Ha ha you M F’er.  I’m gonna post about your butt crack attack.  Love you lots.  I’m so glad to be here.


April 1, 2006

Good Morning

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To my family I say…  Muuusssttt have cooffffeeeee……


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What bugs the most (Shardae used to say that when she was little instead of "that sucks"  she would say "that bugs") is that I pride myself on being highly organized in most areas of my life.  Now here I am on this old piece of crap – Greg gets the nice one to play Warcraft on – wanting to make my blog look at pretty.  I don't know how to categorize my posts, put links into them, or add pictures – which Mom – you ROCK on that one. 

March 25, 2006

Spell Check

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All right damnit! I need spell check. And I need it NOW!


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I went to the Lancome counter last night. Do you know they have four different "stages" of cleansing systems? Oh yeah, for the brothers – Lancome is a cosmetics line – anyway…  Why do I worry so much about looking young? I think I know and the truth is not pretty (no pun intended). Youth and beauty bring a power to women – and I suppose to men also – that is there only on a limited basis. I know this. I know it is what helps to "get me in the door". I hope my personality is what keeps me there. Anyway, I guess the thought that people are treated a certain way based on looks really sucks. Sure it is real nice having that extra attention. But I don't want to become dependent of it – what happens when it is no longer there? I hope people will still like me for my witty personality :')  God, help me to be a strong woman – full of love for myself and life so that that is what people see instead of the "make-up".


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I've changed my dashboard about five times in as many minutes. Wonder which one I will settle on.

Here I am.

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Well, I'm not a bit surprised that I'm doing this. It is kind of like an open diary. Hmm. better always edit, edit, edit!

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